Youth Camp

Giving young people a “week away” from the world’s distractions, to be introduced to a lifetime of following Jesus, since 1947…WBA YOUTH CAMP!!! Our Western Baptist Association Youth Camp, for students who have just completed grades 4 through those who have just completed grade 12, takes place Sunday-Friday, July 7-12, at 4-H Camp Frame, near Hedgesville, West Virginia.  Worship, Bible study, missions development, and recreation are the main components of this fun “revival” week.  Please click on the below forms for more information.  You may contact our Youth Camp team leader, Dee Lockard, at or 301-707-8841. INSTRUCTIONS: 1.  Click on the file below. 2.  If prompted for a password, click on “Read Only”. 3.  Click on “Enable Editing” in yellow bar running across top of page. 4.  If prompted for a password again, click on “Read Only”. 5.  Please make sure your printer is set for “Landscape”, instead of “Portrait”, for the Youth Camp Application form and The Bible Drills information! 6.  Click on “Print”. ***Please be patient.  Some of these links may take a few seconds to load.  Thank you!***  Note:  the (1) at the end of the application, application letter, and Bible Drill Cycle simply indicate that I(Kenny) uploaded here a copy of the original file…so “youth camp application 2019(1)” is actually just “youth camp application 2019”, etc..

youth camp application 2019 (1)

YC Background Screening Consent

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Camp Application Letter 2019 (1)

Bible Drills – NKJV-Cycle 2 (1)